Prioritizing Production Times

Using a complex algorithm system, Orderbound automatically prioritizes orders based on specific backend criteria, such as shipping method and time spent in queue.

Key Features of the Orderbound Software

Our online work flow tracking software features a backend system for automatically prioritizing production times. Based on specific criteria chosen by you, the system examines its current list of work orders and then organizes them to best meet your needs.

This ensures your company can function at its maximum potential, even without someone constantly monitoring the work order system. Whether you are in the office or out meeting with clients, the system continues working as hard as you.

Automatic Algorithim

Our system automatically prioritizes work orders. Moreover, the system includes criteria for determining how the automatic algorithm organizes those orders, which gives you the freedom to control how the system works to empower your productivity, and the more control you have over your company, the more it can meet your expectations.

Reduce Overhead

In addition to enhancing your business’ output, our online work flow tracking software also reduces your financial overhead by cutting excessive employee costs, because monitoring productivity to the second allows you to find instances of error or inefficiency. Combined with the increased output, this creates a corporate environment ideal for optimizing your company’s end result.

Work Flow Management

Having all of your open work orders displayed in a nice organized list helps to put your company into perspective. After all, if you have less work orders than you thought, it shows the company needs to grow. Whereas if the work orders are beyond your expectations, it may be time to figure out how to catch up on owed orders. Either way, visually seeing your company’s production process is crucial for understanding how to proceed into the future.