Back Order Tracking

Orderbound puts an end to mismanaged back order tracking problems, as it includes a comprehensive partial order tracking system that's both easy to use and understand.

Key Features of the Orderbound Software

Even more important than tracking open or completed orders is backorder tracking. Knowing which orders have been filled, and which items were sent out in that partial order, is crucial for a company’s success, because sending out the incorrect items or accidentally sending out the same order twice could lead to a huge profit loss. Don’t fall prey to this problem – Order Bound comes equipped with a comprehensive backorder tracking system.

Partial Orders

The frontend of our work order tracking software allows users to signify whether an order has been partially filled, which changes the order’s shipping status to “Shipped Partial.” Users can also list which items were shipped out and which the order is waiting for. In addition, a separate section called “Backorders” lists the number of partial orders sent out, with a notes section for additional information. All of this information is displayed on the frontend interface in an easy-to-read format.

Inventory Management

Backorders are great for companies, because it allows them to sell without actually having the items to fill the order. However, disorganized backorders leads to chaos and stress, for inventories run wild when no one knows what items are in stock or when to expect items to fill backorders. Having a proper backorder tracking software can ensure your business maintains a steady workflow throughout the year, without hitting a snag from mismanaged backorders.

Increased Profits

Properly managing backorders can easily lead to a huge boost in profit margins, but it requires a system capable of ensuring errors do not occur. This is where Order Bound comes into play: it provides your company with the necessary backorder tracking capabilities to maximize every order.

The more efficient you are able to receive and send orders, partial or otherwise, the more financial possibilities will come knocking on your company’s door.