Multi-Level Users

Multi-level user accounts maintain control over Orderbound's work order tracking software. Each user level utilizes specific operation limitations.

Key Features of the Orderbound Software

The Order Bound system allows an administrator to create user accounts of varying access levels. Each level contains specific built-in limitations as to which actions that user can perform within the work order tracking software.

Rather than let anyone change any order they please, these varying levels help to maintain order and control over one of the most essential parts of any company: production. Some of the limitations of each level are listed below.

Customer Service Account

This account level allows a user to add orders to the work load tracking software, but they cannot manage production or change another user’s access level. We call this the “customer service” level because it’s appropriate for individuals needing to assist clients with their order status or creating a new order. This level could just as well be appropriate for a sales associate.

Operator Level

One above the customer service level, an operator account provides the user with the ability to modify or manage work orders. For example, if an order has to be updated or partially filled, this change would have to go through an operator. Limiting the ability to change or update orders to the operator level helps to increase a company’s workflow potential, because the less users changing information in the system, the less chances of an error occurring.


Lastly, there’s the administrator, the user capable of controlling all aspects of Order Bound. Typically there is only one administrator, though we have heard of some companies allowing for more. We leave it up to you to determine how many administrators are necessary for your company’s purposes. Whether you want to maintain total control or offer it up to others, the administrator level brings out the full potential of Order Bound’s features. Use it wisely and enjoy the benefits.